Consulting Services

Elevator Maintenance Evaluations

The elevator maintenance evaluation, aka: elevator audit, helps building owners determine if their elevators are getting the proper maintenance that they are paying for. Elevator shutdowns, costly repairs and liability issues lead to higher tenant vacancies and ultimately the building depreciating its value.  

MEC Elevator Consultants takes a unique detailed approach in our maintenance evaluations, we perform a detailed audit to verify compliance with the provisions of the maintenance agreement, confirming compliance with the ASME A17.1 maintenance provisions, and determining the long-term viability of the equipment as required by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) maintenance requirements. 

A detailed report including equipment manufacture, condition, performance and photographs is provided to both the owners and maintenance company with an onsite meeting to establish a plan of action in order to correct all of the deficiencies found. (Please see our "Sample Reports" page) 

MEC Elevator Consultants will perform a follow up inspection within 30 to 45 days to assure that the specified work has been performed by the elevator contractor.

Key Benefits: 

Solutions that resolve performance issues experienced by both the client and/or the elevator contractor. Money savings by extending the life of the equipment and furtherly avoiding costly future repairs. 

Negative reports may be used as evidence of negligence from the elevator maintenance company during litigation.

Elevator Due Diligence

Due Diligence equipment condition survey includes a detailed review of each elevator to determine the type of elevator design installed, equipment condition, remaining useful life of the components and estimate of probable costs of repairs, code deficiencies and major modernization requirements, both for immediate and long term. All pertinent data such as type, operation, control, capacity and speed of equipment, floors served, stops and openings, manufacturer, maintenance contractor, date of installation, modernization date (if applicable) and special features installed are part of the report. We review and identify deficiencies of the requirements for compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and local applicable codes. 

Our consulting services determine the life expectancy of the equipment based on the results of the findings.

Key Benefits: 

The buyer will know all the needs of the elevator to negotiate a better price for the property or receive escrow for future elevator repairs or upgrades. 

The seller will find out about deficiencies that need to be cured under the terms of the current maintenance agreement and ultimately holding a better bargaining position.

Modernization and New Installation Specifications

MEC will prepare specifications based on the existing equipment survey or architectural plans for new installations. Only quality American made Non-proprietary components are specified and allowed to be incorporated on the modernization project to better protect the building owners. 

We submit the specifications to elevator companies for their review and bid process, collect bid proposals and make recommendations to the building owners. Oversee all facets of the modernization progress and report to the owners. Ensure all work is performed within  applicable elevator codes. Help coordinate work with other trades involved in the modernization. Perform routine follow-up site inspections. Approve shop drawing. Review and approve all  contractor invoices based on job progress.

Key Benefits:

All of the bid proposals will be for the same work from different elevator contractors with equipment approved by MEC Elevator Consultants. Usually our specifications will save you the owners between 10 and 15 percent of the modernization cost and the peace of mind that quality elevator components are installed.

Custom Maintenance Agreements

 MEC Elevator Consultants prepare maintenance contracts that are written to protect owners and the building. The goal is to minimize elevator shutdowns, control costs, be within budget, maintain the proper life cycle of the equipment and not have unnecessary costs stemming from avoidable repairs or replacements. We will help the Building Owner and Property Managers get the correct contract with the proper beneficial terms and conditions for their building's elevators and escalators. We ensure a contract that will hold the elevator service provider accountable. In a maintenance agreement, MEC looks for set fair labor rates, minimum monthly preventative maintenance hours and obsolescence eliminated, among a range of other terms and conditions. We have the expertise and industry knowledge to analyze a current contract, identify the flaws, generate detailed project specifications and put the job out to bid.  

Key Benefits:

Using MEC Elevator Consultants will decrease cost from 20-60% per year, increase safety, accountability and transparency.  

Expert Testimony Evaluation

Attorneys and insurance companies encounter various incidents from accidents, disputes, safety concerns and many other issues requiring them to utilize the services of an elevator consultants' expertise to help resolve a claim.  MEC Elevator Consultant services include a full evaluation of equipment damages, deficiencies and possible negligence. A thorough investigation will reveal the cause(s) of the incident. We will then offer a proposal of best possible solutions and the most suitable elevator company to handle the situation. The proposed solution will be part of a detailed report with the results of the investigation. Careful detailed examination is utilized throughout every step of the process, with constant evaluation updates.    

Engineering and AutoCAD Services

High-rise buildings with high speed traction, geared and gearless machine systems

Machine room-less elevators (MRL)

Low rise hydraulic hole or hole-less piston systems. 

Limited use elevators (LULA)

Feasibility survey for additional floors to elevator travel

AutoCAD drawings for new installations, modernizations and major alterations.